Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Rustic Garden Chair and Hydrangeas

Hello everyone!

I took these snaps a few weeks ago, when I was in the garden cutting hydrangeas for my Styling The Seasons post.  I bought this wonderfully chippy and rustic garden chair from a car boot sale recently, and it sits perfectly on my summer house verandah.  My blooms looked so pretty in this old wire basket, I couldn't resist taking some pictures.

Today I'm looking forward to catching up with some house projects, taking some pictures to share with you, and I'm also having a chimney swept which I'm pretty excited about!  Although I'm reluctant to say goodbye to the warmer months, the idea of blankets, hot chocolates and an open fire give me very warm fuzzy feeling inside!

Have a wonderful day/evening, wherever you are in the world!

Tamsyn x

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Sunday Snapshots

Hello everyone, I hope you're having a lovely lazy sunday!

I just wanted to share a few of my favourite phone snapshots with you from the past couple of weeks.  It's been pretty busy here as I've had my parents up, which has been lovely - not only that, but my dad put some tongue and groove wood panels in my bathroom for me which is really exciting, as it's transformed it completely into a rather beautiful space.  I've spent this weekend painting it, so I hope to share some pictures with you soon.

I was up at silly o'clock this morning to go to a car boot fair, and I'm so glad I did as I found the most beautiful old Victorian metal baby cot.  I'm thinking of putting it in the summer house and piling it high with cushions, or maybe in the garden with plants this space!

Tamsyn x

Monday, 8 September 2014

Chair Renovation Project - Completed!

Hello everyone!

So, you may remember this chair that I shared with you a few weeks ago pre-renovation...(post here)

I'm so happy with the finished result!  I used a vintage French linen sheet to reupholster the chair in the end - its slightly slubby texture and pale stone colour, makes it perfect for this sort of project, plus I think it will be really hardwearing.  I used little black upholstery tacks which are really cheap, and easy to hammer into the frame, which I painted the frame in French Grey by the Little Greene Paint Company.  Not only does it look beautiful, but I'm sat on this chair right now writing this post, and it's so comfortable.  Not bad for less than £40!

Tamsyn x

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Styling The Seasons - September

Hello everyone, I hope you're having a fantastic start to September!

I was so excited when the lovely Katy at Apartment Apothecary asked me to take part in a new monthly blog series, called Styling The Seasons.  She has started this project along with Charlotte from Lotts and Lots blog, and the idea is to style any surface, according to what that month means to you and the way you decorate your home.  It's such a lovely idea, and it really made me take some time to think about how I was going to style my post.

So the focus for my post this month, are my hydrangeas, which I cut for drying every September.  It's a final, glorious, floral flourish, after a season of peonies, stocks and roses.  It fills my home with flowers, and also feels like I'm bringing a bit of the outside in, prolonging summer for just a little longer!  I use the water drying method, which is so easy - I cut long stalks, remove the leaves, and place in a vase of water until the water evaporates.  The flowers are dry in time for christmas, perfect for making a hydrangea wreath (you can see my tutorial guest post I did for Katy last year here). 
 Moving away from the sugary pastel hues of spring and summer, I've gone for muted pastel shades, which are echoed in some of my favourite vintage finds from the summer.   

I'm already thinking about how I'm going to style my shots for October - anyone can join in, just use the hashtag #StylingTheSeasons on social media, and tag Katy and Charlotte in too.

Have a wonderful day!

Tamsyn x

Monday, 1 September 2014

Friday, 29 August 2014

Vintage Dressing Table

Hello everyone!

I hope you have had a good week, I can't quite believe that the children are back to school next week and that the summer holidays are drawing to a close.  Although it is like a new chapter of the year is starting, with lots of exciting things to look forward to, I'm a little sad that summer is nearly over!

So, here is the final post from my bedroom reveal, and this corner contains one of my favourite vintage finds from last year.  I knew I wanted a really pretty dressing table, so when I saw this beauty at a local auction, I pounced!  I had luck on my side as one of the side triptych mirrors had a crack all the way across, which I think put people off.  I managed to get the glass replaced and I painted it in French Grey by the Little Greene Paint Company.  I love its elegant proportions, plus I finally have lots of drawers to hide away my clutter in.  

The beautiful capiz shell chandelier in the corner has an interesting story behind it.  When I first moved to Norwich about 13 year ago, we had an Oasis clothing shop in the old shopping mall.  One season, this chandelier was part of their window display, and I asked the staff if I could buy it when they had finished with it - they said yes!  I think I paid about £30 - £40 for it.  I think it fits in this corner beautifully.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tamsyn x

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Car Boot Fair Treasure

Hello everyone!

Last Sunday I went to my local car boot fair and came back with a a magnificent haul of vintage treasure.  It was one of those mornings where I wasn't sure I could be bothered, but it always seems to be those mornings that make rich pickings!  (For my readers who are not in the UK, car boot fairs are a bit like flea markets - people fill their cars up with their unwanted goods, and set up little stalls next to their car, usually in a field or car park.)  From the top - 

1) Florentine tray, velvet cushion and shabby fabric roses.  So much pretty!

2) Set of four cut glass goblets and a champagne coupe.  I'm already getting excited about the festive season in this house (I know, I know, I'm sorry!), and I see these goblets filled with red wine and surrounded by glistening tea lights and pine sprigs.  The coupe has a couple of small chips, but at 30 pence I had to have it to add to my collection of mismatched vintage champagne coupes.

3) Framed swan print.  I think I managed to avoid squeaking like a two year old and shouting 'mine, mine!!" when I saw this.  There is something so romantic about swans and this picture has it all - blossom, crocuses, and beautiful swans.  I absolutely love it.

4) I adore old books, and I love the jewel colours and titles of these mini books.  In my dining room (still unfinished so I'm yet to share any pictures with you!) the original huge cast iron cooking range still remains in the big fireplace.  I imagine the task of renovating it will be costly and expensive, so in the meantime, I store all my beautiful old books on it, and these will join the others there.

I still have the last corner of my bedroom to share with you which I will post this week.  Have a wonderful Sunday!

Tamsyn x