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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Kitchen/Dining Room Progress

Hello everyone, I hope your week is going well!

I thought I'd share an update with you today on progress in my kitchen and dining room.  My lovely parents are coming for a few days in March to help me out with a few jobs around the house, including putting skirting boards back into the dining room.  My dad is also making cupboard doors for my washing machine (see top picture - I currently have a linen curtain there.)  Again, he is going to us reclaimed packing crates for this, but instead of painting them pastel colours, I think I will paint these doors with a whitewash finish.

The second picture down shows my door which I had installed in November.  Here's what it looked like before...

I'm ridiculously excited about my new radiator which I had installed last weekend in the dining room.  Yes it's very sad I know, but it's so amazing to have heat in there for the first time in almost two years!  The old radiator was practically hanging off the wall when I moved here, and that wall was in very bad condition.  (I just tried to find some photographs to show you what is was like, but alas, it looks like I didn't take any as it was that bad!) We removed the radiator before the new floor went down, then my dad re plastered a section of the wall that was crumbling.  A friend who is a heating engineer kindly helped me out with the period style radiator, and I managed to find some antique tap style valves.  Dad is also going to help me box in the electricity meters in the corner of the room so it looks like a cupboard.

All in all, these two rooms are not far from being finished, which is pretty will be the only space in the house which is truly finished, but the kitchen/dining area is the real heart of the home I think.

Have a wonderful day!

Tamsyn x



  1. of painting them pastel colours, I think I will paint these doors with a whitewash finish.
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