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Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello everyone!

Despite now being a single pringle, I adore Valentine's Day and all the hearts and flowers it entails.  I love the idea of giving a gift to show someone how much I love them, so I bought little gifts for the children.  I went to Oxfam, who always have a fantastic collection of second hand books, and I bought this beautiful bright red copy of Alice in Wonderland for my daughter, and a Famous Five book for my boy.  Both got tied up with red ribbon and a heart shaped cookie cutter.  The cookie cutter in the picture above was amongst the previous owner's junk we cleared out from my attic this week!   

Have a lovely day!

Tamsyn x 



  1. Beautiful idea! Love your blog, ive spent nearly all day on it. Reading from start to finish xx


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