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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Mint Green Food Processor

Hello everyone!

I had to just share my latest toy with you, this fabulous mint green cake mixer from Aldi.  For £34.99 I'm fairly sure it won't last forever, but I had to have it!  The children and I gave it a road test a couple of weeks ago, and it worked beautifully.  We made these mini Easter cupcakes.  I'm very much looking forward to having it sat on my work surface when I get my kitchen sorted out, it's just so pretty!

Tamsyn x


  1. This looks so cute in your kitchen. Aldi and Lidl are both great for buys. X

  2. Tamsyn, gorgeous lady! You see your canvas in the background, did you paint it and what size is it? I want to steal your idea and of course, if i post it on my blog you will get full credit!

  3. You are able to process huge capacity of food in this food processor. It comes having a 12-cup Main Work Bowl along with a 4-cup Mini Perform Bowl. The main work bowl can deal with virtually any job which you requirements it to do. I discover the mini bowl good and handy for handling modest tasks. There has been complaints of food spilling over into the main perform portable dishwasher


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