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Sunday, 15 June 2014

My Summerhouse

Hello everyone!

I ordered my summerhouse back in April, and on Thursday it finally arrived.  I love it so much, it's essentially like having another room to decorate!  I've spent the last few days outside painting it until 10pm - I have blisters on my hands!  I still have some painting to do inside (oh and round the back...and the sides..and the doors!), but once that's finished, I have an amazing blank canvas to play with and make pretty.
I wanted a soft grey for the exterior, and in the end I went with a paint by Alcro, a Scandinavian paint designed to withstand the coldest winters.  For the window trim and interior I used a good old Cuprinol in Pale Jasmine, a soft white.  Although I used a couple of coats of that on the floor, I then went over it with Ronseal Diamond floor paint in white.
I plan to add a few bits of furniture this week - a table for the children to sit at and do colouring, and for me to edit photos, a comfy chair, and perhaps a trunk to store blankets and cushions.  I shall keep you updated with my progress!

Tamsyn x


  1. Gorgeous! Very, very jealous :-) xx

  2. This is wonderful. I am so pleased to find your lovely blog too. Love laura. Ps I lobe the bay tree in the sink bucket, have you added holes in the bottom to allow drainage? I'd like to do something like this xxx

  3. Wow, this is so lovely! It's my dream to have a little summer house:)

  4. Gorgeous! I'm wondering what the dimensions are? also, do you mind if I ask where you ordered it from? We are in the process of planning to build a playhouse in the backyard for my daughter & I am interested in any inspiration for this project!

  5. Hi, could you let me know the alcro colour looks beautiful , thank you sonia


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