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Thursday, 10 July 2014


Hello everyone!

I chose these chandeliers when we moved into my old house, from a beautiful antique shop in Holt, Norfolk.  I got my trusty electrician to take them down a week before the moving date, and it felt like the end of an era as I packed them away into cardboard boxes.  My lovely friend stored them for me in her attic until a few weeks ago, when I released them from their bubble wrap prison, and got my trusty electrician to put them back up for me!  It felt like I was finally giving my ceiling roses the decoration they really deserved.  I need to nip up a ladder at some point and re attach some of the strings of glass beads that have come loose, but they look so at home now - and they sort of represent the start of a new era for me.
It's my daughter's birthday on Monday, and she is having a few friends round on Saturday for a little vintage tea party.  My mum has come up to help and we're going to decorate the house with lots of tissue pom poms and pretty things.  I shall take some snaps to share with you all next week!

Tamsyn x

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  1. Oh my goodness Tamsyn they are gorgeous! You have such fabulous taste :) Rather jealous of the tea party too, I'm guessing I'm probably the wrong age to be invited ;)


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